Business Creation

We understand how messy a startup can be at first, but your ultimate vision is what we invest in. We go beyond the institutional capital you require and provide you with access to a network of founders, investors, industry experts, corporate organizations, and the technical blueprint for you to steer through the hurdles and build the business of your dream.

We’re not here for the short-term or plan for exits. We invest in the bigger picture as building an iconic business together takes time and helping you create it is what we are here for.


Female Empowerment

From the outset, we aim to inspire change and reduce gender inequality by showing the world female founders tackling systematic problems and creating long lasting disruptive solutions. We want to build a start-up ecosystem with remarkable support to female entrepreneurs by providing access to a collective expertise of Maleeka’s institutional network and also to tools and opportunities that enable them to rebuild their dreams around their entrepreneurial ambitions and genius.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To drive measurable transformative growth in middle-market economies by bringing together disruptive ideas, high impact female founders, and experiential investment capital to transform today’s challenges into the next generation of sustainable, growth aggressive companies.

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Our Vision

To be a leading business creation platform built on sustainability and a personifying passion for achieving reduced gender inequality.

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Core Values


Sustainability is most certainly a non-negotiable for business success! We set out with our strong belief of making our efforts dedicated to supporting startup founders, so they sustain in times of clear sailing and navigate the technical or financial hurdles they face when encountering “rough waters.”


We accelerate and invest in your genius: Your ability to create “need-to-have” products that solve a piercing human problem! We collaborate with you to identify the white spaces and build the most impactful product to positively disrupt sectors. We make smart choices in pursuit of significant impact to all our stakeholders including founders, investors, employees, and even vendors, because we value that Impact is always to be made, not found.


For us, an innovative future means female founders equally participating in creating scalable long-lasting solutions to systematic problems across the globe. We truly believe that the next great business will not look like the last.


We surely know how it feels to be on the other side. That is why we listen more than we talk and always stay responsive to founders we support. Valuing each other’s opinions and working in collaboration sits at our core as we build as one amicable unit while forging deep connections and delivering on our common goals.